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Friday, March 5, 2010

Johnny Damon … Uh … Welcome to Detroit

originally published on February 20, 2010

Johnny Damon signed a deal this afternoon with the Detroit Tigers.

Eight million dollars for one year – with no second year option – and pending a physical that he is to take tomorrow.

As you might surmise from my first post here, I was not exactly jumping up and down – urging Dave Dombrowski to make this deal.

I was against it.

As I stated before – we already have senior players with big names who have just passed their apex in the major league baseball career curve.

And we just got rid of a couple not long ago.

Remember Pudge and Sheff?

But now we have him.

We have a left fielder with a .282 bat. No arm but he can hit from the left side of the plate. He can lead off.

Apparently we also got a guy who is good in a dugout and great in a locker room for keeping his team on target.

Let's remember – Johnny will be getting a World Series ring shortly.

But that's about it.

Brandon Inge and Adam Everett will have to spend extra practice time determining who will run halfway out to left field to take Johnny's throw to the cut-off man.

So what happens now to Carlos Guillen? He was promised to be an everyday player this year. How can that happen now?

Does Guillen DH?

Does Guillen go elsewhere now?

It's not so bad really for Guillen, he wanted to play left field about as much as Inge wanted to catch in 2008.

And that year the Tigers landed in the basement of the AL Central. So any change is good for Carlos Guillen – and the Tigers.

I'd be putting Carlos at second base.

So now that we have Damon, we have a guy with a good chance for getting men on base – for Mags, Miggy and Carlos if he finds a spot or settles for DH.

I'm not so sure that this is the final setting of the Tigers roster.

Brandon Inge is still recovering from double knee surgery. And there's no guarantee that Mud Hen call-up

Scott Sizemore is supposedly not ready to play yet

The boys are now in Lakeland. Or they are on their way.

Johnny Damon sounds like he'll be heading down shortly – after passing his physical – and a locker has been waiting for him for a week or so.

So there is no more reason to root against the Tigers signing Johnny Damon.

They did it. Albeit only for a year. Albeit it for no second year option.

He will be a lame duck left fielder. Is there such a thing?

No doubt if he proves us all wrong – a second and likely third year deal would be offered on a silver platter.

That's the Illitch style.

So there's no upside for rooting against Johnny. He'll be wearing the English D. After the Boston B and the New York NY.

What's the harm in Johnny Damon succeeding in Detroit.

So I'm not rooting against him. No way.

Welcome to Detroit Johnny. And wear the old English D with pride. That's all we ask.

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